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Alan Clements



2009 –                 Emeritus Professor, University of Teesside, Middlesbrough

2002 – 2008      Teaching Fellow University of Teesside, Middlesbrough

2001                    Visiting Professor,  Colorado State University, Fort Collins

1992 – 2008      Motorola Professor, School of Computing, University of Teesside, Middlesbrough

1987 – 1992      Reader in Applied Computing, School of Computing, Teesside Polytechnic, Middlesbrough

1977 – 1987      Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, Teesside Polytechnic, Middlesbrough

1974 – 1977      Research Fellow,  Department of Electronic Engineering, Loughborough University


1971–1974        PhD, Loughborough University of Technology Award 1976)

1968–1971        Electronic Engineering, University of Sussex, Brighton


2009                   Elevation to IEEE Fellow

                            Citation: for contributions to computer science education

2008                   Taylor Booth Award (Computer Science Education), IEEE Computer Society

2002                   Computer Science & Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award 2002

                           IEEE Computer Society

2002                   National Teaching Fellowship $75,000

                           Institute of Learning and Teaching

2002                   Golden Core Member IEEE Computer Society

2002                   Certificate of Appreciation for Services to the Technical Activities Board

                           IEEE Computer Society

2001                   Meritorious Award for Organizing the CSIDC

                            IEEE Computer Society

2001                    Pilot Proficiency Award, Phase 1.

                            US Department of Transportation, FAA

Committees and Posts

2010 – 2014      University of West England, Bristol

                            External Examiner (software engineering)

2007 – 2011     University of Westminster

                           External Examiner (software engineering)

2009 –  2010    IEEE Computer Society,  Second Vice President

2009                IEEE Computer Society,  Chair Educational Activities Board

2007 –  2011    IEEE Computer Society,  Editor in Chief, CS Press

2006 –  2007    IEEE Computer Society, Ombudsman

2006 –  2007    IEEE Computer Society , Chair Competitions, Educational Activities Board

2007                IEEE Computer Society,  Chair of CHC61 (IEEE CS student web-programming competition)

2006                IEEE Computer Society, Chair of CHC60  (IEEE CS student history competition)

2005 – 2008     University of Essex,  External Examiner

2005 – 2006      IEEE Computer Society,  Member of the Nominations Committee

2004 – 2006      IEEE Computer Society,  Member of the Board of Governors (Second term of office)

2003 –  2006     IEEE Computer Society,  Vice chair Educational Activities Board.

2002 – 2006     South Bank University, London,  External Examiner

2002 – IEEE       Computer Society/ACM Task Force,  Computer Engineering Computer Curricula

2001 – 2003      IEEE Computer Society,  Member of the Board of Governors (First term of office)

2000 – 2006      IEEE Computer Society,  Chair of the Computer Society International Design Competition

2000 –              IEEE  Annals of Computer History,  Member of the Editorial Board

2000 –              British Computer Society,  Examiner for the BCS Certificate Technology Module

1999 – 2002     Computer Society/ACM,  Member of the CC2001 curriculum development committee

1996 – 1999      IEEE Computer Society,  Member of the Computer Society Publication Board

1996 –              IEEE Computer Society,  Member of the Educational Activities Board

1991 – 1995      South Bank University, London,  External examiner for the MSc degree in IT

1992 – 1994      IICS, Colombo, Sri Lanka,  External examiner for the Computer Science degree at the International Institute for Computer Studies

1990 – 1994      Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, External examiner for Computer Science

1988 – 2007      Microprocessors and Microsystems,  Member of the Editorial Board

1982 – 1984      European Commission, Brussels,  EEC Committee TC2 (Computer language standards)

1979 – 1981      Institution of Electronic Engineers, London,  Member of Professional Group C6

Professional membership

1992 –                 British Computer Society

1990 –                 IEEE Computer Society

1990 –                 ACM

                            Note that the starting dates are approximate

Visiting Professorships

2008 – 2010     Universidad de las Ciencias Informaticas, La Habana

                           Curriculum development, teaching computer architecture

2001                  Colorado State University, Fort Collins. Co

                          Teaching computer architecture

1996                  University of Massachusetts, Boston

                           Sabbatical semester to write a text on computer architecture

1989 – 1990     TEI, Heraklion, Crete

                           Helping to set up courses at a Polytechnic in Crete

Significant Activities


2013 "Computer Organization and Architecture"

Cengage Learning

2006 "Principles of Computer Hardware, Fourth edition”

Oxford University Press, Oxford


2000 "Principles of Computer Hardware"

Oxford University Press, Oxford

1997 "Microprocessor Systems Design: 68000 software, hardware and interfacing, third edition"

PWS, Boston

1993 "68000 Family Assembly language programming"

PWS, Boston

1993 "Analog and Digital Signal Processing System Sourcebook"

Edited by A. Clements, McGraw Hill

1992 "The 68000 instructors Handbook"

PWS-Kent, Boston

1991 "Microprocessor Support Chip Sourcebook"

Edited by A. Clements, McGraw Hill

1990 "The 68000 Sourcebook"

Edited by A. Clements, McGraw Hill, London, October 1990

1989 "Microprocessor Systems Interfacing and the 68000"

John Wiley, London, April 1989

1987 "Microprocessor Systems Design: 68000 software, hardware and interfacing"

PWS-Kent, Boston, Second Edition 1992

1985 "Principles of Computer Hardware"

Oxford University Press, Oxford (Second Edition 1991)

1982 "Microcomputer Design and Construction"

Prentice-Hall International, London, 1982

Published Papers and Articles

 “ARMs for the poor”

FIE 2010, Washington, DC (paper accepted)

“Work in Progress – Computer Architecture Meets Ubiquitous Computing”

FIE 2009, San Antonio, TX

“Work in Progress – A Web Presence for the IEEE Computer Society

 FIE 2009, San Antonio, TX

 “Crafting a Curriculum”

FIE 2008, Saratoga Springs, NY

“Honesty in History”

FIE 2007, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Work in Progress – Matching Capstone Projects to the Student”

FIE 2007, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Work in Progress –  The Role of Hardware and Architecture in the New Computer Sciences”

FIE 2007, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Computer Architecture is Dead; Long Live Computer Organization”,

 The British Computer Society Annual Review 2007  

“Embedding Ethics in Computer Architecture”

FIE 2006, San Diego, California

“Work in Progress – CHC60 – an International Computer Science History Competition”

FIE 2006, San Diego, California

“Moore, Micawber and bumblebees”,

 The British Computer Society Annual Review 2006

“Strengths and weaknesses of the external examiner system”

FIE 2005, Indianapolia, Indiana

“Work in Progress – Putting a Course in Context”

FIE 2004, Savanah, Georgia

“Constructing a Computing Competition to Teach Teamwork”

FIE 2003, Boulder, Colorado

“Computer Architecture and Organization in the Model Computer Engineering Competition”

V. P. Nelson, M. D. Theys, A. Clements

FIE 2003, Boulder, Colorado

“Integrating Technology in Education”

SoftCOM 2002,  Split, Croatia, October 2002

“CSIDC – Challenges and Choices”

Frontiers in Education,  Conference, Reno, October 2001

“Has Computer Architecture Exceeded its Teach-by Date?”

Frontiers in Education,  Conference, Reno, October 2001

“Computer Architecture – A Vehicle for Reinforcing Ideas in Computer Science”

Frontiers in Education,  Conference, Kansas City, October 2000

“The Undergraduate Curriculum in Computer Architecture Education – Past Present and Future”.

 IEEE Micro, May 2000.

"A new approach to teaching computer architecture"

Frontiers in Education,  Conference, San Juan, PR, November 1999

A. Clements, D. Dupont, W.K. King, C. Lu and A.A. Shvartsman

 “Towards a Modern Computer Architecture Curriculum”

Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE'99),  San Juan, PR, November 1999

"A new approach to teaching computer architecture"

Frontiers in Education

Conference, San Juan, PR, November 1999

"Selecting a processor for teaching computer architecture"

Microprocessors and Microsystems, Vol. 23, No. 5, 25 October 1999, pp281-290

"From mercury to lasers: the story of reliable data storage methods"

Design Engineering, July 1989

"Multiprocessor Systems"

Electronics and Wireless World

Volume 94, Number 1627, June 1988

Volume 94, Number 1629, July 1988

Volume 94, Number 1631, September 1988

Volume 94, Number 1633, November 1988

Volume 94, Number 1634, December 1988

"Standardization for information technology"

British Standards Institution, ISBN 0 580 153045,  1987

"Designing with Dynamic memory"

Electronics and Wireless World

Volume 92, Number 1605, August 1986

Volume 92, Number 1606, September 1986

Volume 93, Number 1607, October 1986

"Exception Handling in the 68000"

Microprocessors and Microsystems

Volume 10, No. 4, May 1986

Volume 10, No. 5, June 1986

"A Microprocessor for Teaching Computer Technology"

Computer Bulletin,  Vol. 2, Part 1, March 1986

"Microprocessor for all Seasons"

Computing,  February 28, 1985

"Interfacing the 68000"

Applying the 68000 family Conference organized by Microprocessors and Microsystems London

30 October 1984

"The introduction of teleinformatic standards into the education process"

Report to the Commission of the European Communities Brussels September 1984

"Education and computer technology"

Software and Microsystems,  August 1984

"An introduction to the methods and techniques of serial data transmission and the development of local area networks"

Transcon '82 Symposium,  Teesside Polytechnic, 15-16 September 1982

"An introduction to bit-slice microprocessors"

IEE Electronics and Power,  March 1981

"Address decoding and large system organization"

IEE Colloquium on Hardware Design Techniques,  Savoy Place, March 1980

"Bit-slice technology - an approach to bespoke microprocessors"

Microsystems '80 London

January 1980

"Computer system buses"

Microprocessors and Microsystems,  Volume 3, Number 9, November 1979

"Memories in microprocessor systems"

Microprocessors and Microsystems

Volume 3, Number 5, June 1979

Volume 3, Number 6, July 1979

Volume 3, Number 7, September 1979

"Keeping an orderly house: monitors for microprocessors"

Personal Computer World,  Volume 1, Number 7, November 1978"

"Microprocessors in sophisticated processes for distorted digital signals"

Conference on Microprocessors in Automation and Communication University of Kent

September 1978

A microprocessor system for the enthusiast or small laboratory"

SERT Electronic technology,  February 1978

"Adaptive detection processes for signals arranged into orthogonal groups"

SRC Report B/RG/6894.4, 1977

"Some aspects of the use of orthogonal groups of signal elements for the detection of distorted digital signals"

Conference on the digital processing of signals in communications IERE Conference Proceedings, Number 37

Loughborough University, 1977

"The application of iterative techniques to adaptive detection processes"

PhD Thesis,  Loughborough University, 1976

1975 "Error detectors using signal distortion"

Proceedings of the IEE,  Volume 122, Number 11, November 1975

Popular articles

“It’s the same drive but just a different operating system”

Times Higher Education Supplement,  17 December 2004.

“Dealing with the Four Deltas”

Times Higher Education Supplement,  5 July 2002.

"Smart Enough to be Inscrutable"

The Independent,  Monday, 16 September 1991

"Simply does it faster"

The Guardian, May 18, 1989

"The promise in a Japanese dream"

The Guardian, March 30, 1989

"'Twas the night before the lecture"

Times Higher Educational Supplement,  30 September 1988

"Circuit Training"

Times Higher Education Supplement,  6 November 1987

"Teaching Information Technology"

Times Higher Educational Supplement,  7 November 1986

Public lectures

2008 Rochester Institute of Technology

 “Revenge of the mutant killer computers”

2007 Universidad de las Ciencias Informaticas, La Habana

 “Organising a Course in Computer Architecture”

2007 University of Central Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas, USA

“Why computers keep getting faster”

2007 University of Texas at El Paso, USA

“The computer-aided crash”

2008 West Point Military Academy, USA

“Ethics and computer science education”

2003 University of South Florida

“30 years of progress in Computer Architecture”

2003 Frontiers in Education Conference, Boulder, Co.

Panel “Writing a textbook”

2003 Central Connecticut University

1. “Computers in Aviation and the Computer-assisted Crash”

2. “High-performance computing”

2001 May Colorado State University

“Writing a Text on Computer Architecture - Is There Anything Left to Say in a Post Hennessy and Patterson Era?”

2000 John Moore’s University, Liverpool

“Computer architecture at Teesside”

2000 Frontiers in Education Conference Workshop, Kansas City

“Computer Architecture - A Vehicle for Reinforcing Ideas in Computer Science”

2000 January University of Texas at El Paso

“Constructing curricula in computer science”