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BCS Notes

The BCS is a Chartered Institute for IT professionals around the world and is based in the UK. Information about the BCS can be found at its website at http://www.bcs.org. As well as promoting all aspects of computing, the BCS provides several qualifications and certifications for those working in IT. Some of these are practitioner qualifications, some are professional qualifications, and some are higher education qualifications.

The British Computer Society  provides a Computer and Network Technology course as part of its Certificate in IT. Follow this link to access notes in both the Operating Systems and basic CPU architecture components of this course.

These notes may also be used as background information by other users of this site. Note that the CPU we describe is a cut-down version of the ARM processor and may be used as a simple introduction to the ARM.

Numbers, Boolean Algebra, Gates and Circuits

Numbers, Bases, and Computer Arithmetic

Negative Integers and Two’s Complement Arithmetic

Overview of Digital Design

Introduction to Boolean Algebra

Introduction to Gates

Extended Example (Problem-solving)

The Central Processing Unit and Assembly Language

Introduction to the CPU

Introduction to Assembly Language

Introduction to computer performance

Operating Systems

Operating Systems

Introduction to malware and viruses


The Printer